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Hosted VoIP PBX Receptionist Solution

Receptionist Solution by Vulcan Telecom

Hosted VoIP PBX Receptionist Solution

In many offices a receptionist answers the phone and funnels the calls to the correct person or department. The Vulcan Telecom Receptionist Console has everything a receptionist needs for a single office or multiple locations of a company.

The cloud-based receptionist console is user friendly. You will see improved efficiency and workflow.

A receptionist console is a feature of a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system that assists a company or organization in managing incoming calls.

It is often used by receptionists or other employees that answer and route incoming calls.


A receptionist console often includes a number of tools and features to aid with call management, such as the ability to:


  1. Review call history
  2. Transfer calls
  3. Retrieve voicemails

Call forwarding, caller ID, and the capacity to build and manage extensions are all possible features.

The receptionist console is often accessed by a web-based interface or a separate program, and access may be restricted by a user account and password.

It is meant to be simple to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows personnel to manage incoming calls quickly and effectively.

The receptionist console is a critical component of a PBX system since it enables personnel to quickly manage incoming calls and route them to the proper extension or department.

Receptionist Solution by Vulcan Telecom

It is especially beneficial for firms that get a high volume of incoming calls since it allows calls to be managed efficiently without the need for manual involvement.

Overall, the receptionist console feature of a PBX system is a useful tool for managing incoming calls in a business or organization.

It can help to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of staff by providing a range of tools and features to help manage incoming calls.

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