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Hosted VoIP PBX Call Park and Overhead Paging Solution

Call Park and Overhead Paging by Vulcan Telecom for Alabama

Call Parking

Have you ever dialed a direct number, hung up, and then dialed the main number again because you prefer speaking with a live person rather than a machine?

Or perhaps you've already left a voicemail and would prefer not to do so again.

A receptionist or operator can put a call on hold while looking for the intended recipient by using call parking.

Intercom, public address, or overhead paging—whatever you want to call it—is yet another practical internal phone feature. A department can be notified of a pending call through paging.

Paging is also used in order to find staff members for their waiting calls who are:

  1. away from their desks
  2. interacting with coworkers
  3. in the break room

The call is parked at a specific number rather than being transferred by the receptionist. The intended recipient then calls that designated number to receive the call that is currently in the queue.


Call Park and Overhead Paging


Call Park

A call can be temporarily "parked" by an agent using the Call Park feature of PBX systems by Vulcan Telecom, which puts the call on hold and gives it a special code.

Other agents can then pick up the call and carry on the conversation using this code.

When an agent needs to transfer a call to another agent but the second agent is not immediately available, this feature may be helpful.

The agent can simply "park" the call and give the other agent the code so that they can retrieve it and continue speaking.

Overhead Paging

A feature of PBX systems called overhead paging enables the broadcasting of voice announcements or music to a particular location or the entire building.

In order to communicate announcements to staff, visitors, or patients, this feature is frequently used in office buildings, hospitals, and other large facilities.

Speakers connected to the PBX system can be used to make the announcements. This feature can be helpful for alerting people in a specific location, sending out company-wide notifications, or making emergency announcements.

Along with call queue, both of these features are frequently used in call centers but can also be applied to other kinds of companies or organizations.

Call Parking with Ringback


Callback concept

Over a period of time, Vulcan Telecom's PBX system allows the caller to return the call to the agent who parked the call (ringback). this system behavior is possible if the parked caller is left in a parking orbit.

How to use

Callbacks are enabled for calls that are parked in queues in the range 720-729. You need to modify the ringback timeout for each park owner (user with a park extension number) to enable this setting. This timeout is the amount of time the caller remains parked, i.e. the time before the call reconnects with the agent that parked the call.

Configuration of the parking timer for voicemail options

The "Ring for" setting controls the time interval between system prompts, for Call Parking queues that use the 700-719 range, to allow a caller to leave voicemail.

Of course, it is imperative for the aforementioned functionality to make sure that voicemail is enabled for call parking. Without this setting, you will not be able to use the above functionality.

Configuring Dynamic Parking

You must create the required number of dynamic parking queues in the range 701-709 to use the dynamic parking feature.

Star codes and parking functions

To dynamically park a call (in the range 701-709), press ***

To park a call to a specific parking lot, press the star and the desired parking lot number from the defined range i.e. *{parking lot}

To retrieve a parked call from a specific parking lot, press the appropriate parking lot number in 7xx format

For parking without callback, the default values are 71x, i.e. 71[0-9] and entering them will transfer the call to this type of parking queue

For parking with callback, the default values are 72x, i.e. 72[0-9] and entering them will transfer the call to this type of parking queue
Call Parking with Ringback
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