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Call Center Audio Monitoring

Concept of Call Center Audio Monitoring by Vulcan Telecom

Call Center Phone Services


Call Center Supervisors can monitor and manage agents by utilizing the features of


  1. 'Join Call'
  2. 'Whisper'
  3. 'Listen Only'

Only users with call center administrator scope have access to these audio monitoring features.

Join Call / Listen Only are available for all calls.

Whisper is functional for both inbound and outbound calls.

Whisper only works on an agent/employee call (on-net) connected to a call that is offnet.

Call Center Phone Services

Functionalities of Call Center Audio Monitoring


Join the call

The user who is listening to the call is allowed to achieve a two-way conversation with this feature. That is, he can enter the call and talk to both the agent and the caller the agent is talking to.


This feature allows the user to implement only listening without the possibility of interaction. No audio will be transmitted to the agent or the caller the agent is talking to from the listener.


This functionality allows a user who is listening to a call to talk to the agent who is making the call. However, the called customer with whom the agent is speaking will not hear the person who is listening. This feature is especially useful when you need to deliver some information to the agent without the customer recording the conversation.

Making the Connection


As a call centre administrator, you can initiate the connection if you wish:

Search for the desired agent who is currently calling. You can do this either in the list of call center agents or in the list of agents that are part of the queue.

Here you select the agent whose call you want to join.

In the agent list, first hover your mouse over the right side. The speaker icon will then appear here.

This icon can take 1 or 2 seconds to appear. Then click on this icon to perform the action.

After clicking on the speaker icon, the Audio Monitoring window will appear in the bottom right corner.

From the moment this window appears in the corner of your screen, you can control the connection.

As we mentioned above, we have three options in this monitoring window to affect the connection to the call.

Join the call


The first option we have available is the Connect to call function. This feature allows us as an administrator to join a call and interact with both sides of the communication. This is a full engagement where we become the third full participant in the call. Unlike the Listen Only option, which allows us to only listen to the ongoing call, or Whisper mode, which allows us to only talk to our agent and the called party on the other end will not know about our involvement. So, to implement this kind of connection to the ongoing call, we choose the "Join call" option in the Audio Monitor pop-up window.


Listen only


If we only want to monitor and listen to the ongoing call between the agent and the customer without the parties involved being aware of it. select the Listen Only function. In this mode, we are allowed to hear both sides of the call without the other participants hearing us. By default, the Audio Monitor pop-up window has Listen Only selected when the connection is made, so by default neither the agent (the user on the network) nor the caller (the caller outside the network) will know about the administrator connection.

Thus, to implement this type of connection to an ongoing call, select the "Listen Only" option in the Audio Monitor pop-up window. Your connection status will change to Listen Only and neither party will hear you further.





The whisper feature puts us virtually behind our agent and allows the administrator to speak only to the agent within the ongoing call. The caller or called party outside our network cannot hear us in this type of connection, so to implement this type of connection to the ongoing call, we select the Whisper option in the Audio Monitor pop-up window.


Using the DTMF audio tracking function


DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) is a method for transmitting information over a telephone line using audio tones. It is commonly used for signaling in telephone systems, and can also be used for inputting commands to automated systems such as voicemail or banking systems.

The DTMF system uses a set of 8 audio frequencies to represent the digits 0 through 9, as well as the characters "*" and "#". When a user presses a key on their telephone keypad, the phone sends a pair of tones representing the corresponding digit or character to the telephone exchange. The exchange can then use these tones to determine which button was pressed and take the appropriate action.

DTMF audio monitoring refers to the ability to listen to or record the audio tones generated by a telephone when a keypad is pressed. This might be used, for example, to monitor the use of a telephone system or to record the input of commands to an automated system.

This function can also be used within a Vulcan Telecom system and it is possible to have our experts set up so that the user can dial a code to use these functions for an ongoing call. Basically, you will need to ask us to set up the DTMF audio tracking feature for the domain.

At base, this functionality is primarily available to Office Managers only. However, the experts at Vulcan Telecom can of course restrict or allow access to this feature to specific users only.


To use this feature, follow these steps:

Dial the code " Tapping" during an agent/user call, followed by the branch you want to monitor. This will then initiate a tap in listen-only mode.
• If the specified user currently has more than one active call, the first call NOT on hold will automatically be selected by the main module.
• If the specified user does not currently have any calls associated with them that are NOT on hold, the core module will automatically return a "Not Found" response.
If an active call is found and this procedure is used to join it, we then have a stack of star codes to switch between modes.
• To join a conversation in Connect to call mode, dial star code *79 to make the desired connection to the call.
• To change the mode to whisper only to our agent, dial the star code for whisper. Dial *78 to switch the call session to whisper mode to the system agent only.
• If we subsequently want to revert to listen-only, dial the star code for listen-only. Dial *77 to switch our call connection session back to listen-only mode, which will prevent the system agent and its callers from hearing the monitoring user.
To end the session, simply hang up.
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