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Hosted VoIP PBX Call Recording Solution

Main benefits of Vulcan Telecom´s Call Recording solution

Vulcan Telecom offers call recording with Hosted PBX. Sales and customer service departments benefit from the ability to record calls.

Recordings are needed in employee training & monitoring and to ensure call quality & compliance. Your business recordings are secure and centralized in a cloud-based storage facility but you can easily access them via the web.

Robust features

Robust features

Vulcan Telecom makes full use of the SIP network architecture.



Vulcan Telecom's platform is geographically redundant



It doesn't matter if you have a handful of customers or thousands



Our pricing system is per seat

Call Recording Solution by Vulcan Telecom

Call Recording

Effective call recording ensures that companies can comply with laws around consent and customer notification, and the recorded data is also useful when disputes arise over things like customer service standards.

An important benefit of call recording is that it can help reduce the risk of litigation.

This is why Vulcan Telecom offers its customers call recording functionality.

What does Vulcan Telecom offer?


Vulcan Telecom automatically provides basic storage for call recordings. We offer storage of your call recordings for up to 30 days, but we make no guarantees as to how long the recorded file will be kept.

That's why at Vulcan Telecom we recommend Amazon S3 storage to our customers for guaranteed call record storage.

This way, Vulcan Telecom can store your phone calls in the S3 bucket you provide.

This is an Amazon Web Services cloud storage solution and will give you noticeably better control as well as the security of storing and backing up your stored calls.

You also have control over the length and retention policies of your recorded phone call data within the Amazon S3 settings.

Of course, this service is not free and requires both a one-time setup fee, which Vulcan Telecom will implement for you, and a monthly fee for the operation of the Amazon S3 storage service.

These fees are charged based on the usage of the service. The amount is made up of two fees.

Call Recording Cloud Storage
Vulcan Telecom Call Center

This is a fee charged separately for each PUT/POST and there is also a fee for the amount of storage used by the stored phone call records.

Each storage of a recorded call, i.e. moving one call to the Amazon S3 platform, represents one PUT/POST request.

However, this cost is not high. It is a payment of $0.005 per 1,000 storage requests.

The storage cost is higher, but here again it is only $0.023 per GB/month. Given the size of a standard voice recording, which is about 0.1 GB per hour of recording, this is still a small cost item given the importance of having a guaranteed stored phone call.

Call Recording Activation


Call recording Activation for all calls in the call queue

Once you have created a call queue, you can open the call queue and make settings to enable recording of all these calls. This option ensures that you record all calls that pass through the queue you have created.

Call Recording Activation for individual Users

Due to the nature of your business, it may not be necessary to record the calls of all employees and users of your phone system. This alternative is foreseen and therefore there is an option to record calls of only selected users.
Call recording at the level of the individual user can be activated by opening the user profile of that user and here selecting "Yes" for "Record user calls" will ensure that all calls made by that user will be recorded.
However, there is one small problem with this setting. This setting will only record calls that go directly through the user. Calls that are delivered directly to the device will not be recorded under this setting. At the same time, calls that are forwarded from one user to another will not be recorded. For example, if user A has recording enabled, but a call is forwarded to him from user B who does not have recording set up, the call is not primarily user A's and the recording set up for user A will not be activated.
Therefore, call recording can also be set up for individual corporate communication devices as shown below.

Call Recording Activation on a User's Device

Therefore, our system offers a similar setting to the one for recording calls of a given user (regardless of which device receives the call), which ensures that the call will be recorded on all specified devices, regardless of which user receives the call on a given device. On the User Phones tab, click on the device on which you want to enable automatic call recording, and then select "Yes" from the "Record Calls" list. This setting ensures that all calls made on the device are automatically recorded.

Call Recording Activation on a Per Call Basis

Call recording can also be activated manually even if automatic call recording is not activated for the device, user, or queue. It is possible that during a call you may find that it would be useful to save the call. This option is also taken into account and the system allows you to manually switch on recording at any time during the call. Manual activation of recording is done by entering the code *80 during the call. If it is assessed that the call no longer needs to be recorded, the recording is terminated by entering the code *81. It should be emphasized that this functionality is automatic and does not need to be activated in any way.
An alternative to entering codes during a call is to use the active call widget. This can be accessed by logging into your user portal, which will give you access to the widget, which contains buttons to start or stop recording the ongoing call.
Rules of Vulcan Telecom Call Center

Starcodes Applicable to Call Recording


As mentioned in the previous chapter, call recording can be manually activated at any time at your discretion by pressing predefined codes.

There are 4 basic codes predefined in the system to control call recording. These are the star codes: *80, *81, *82, *83.

  1. Entering the code *80 starts the recording
  2. Entering code *81 stops the recording
  3. Entering code *82 pauses the recording
  4. Entering code *83 resumes recording

Logically, when using manual recording, as opposed to automatic recording, only the part of the call that falls between the use of *80 and *81 is stored. Thus, the entire call is not recorded as in the case of using the automatic setting.

It should also be noted that the *80 and *81 codes can only be used once per call. Once *81 has been entered, i.e. the recording has ended, the call cannot be re-recorded by re-entering *80.

For this reason, there are also codes to pause and resume recording. Entering *82 will pause the recording. it is automatically resumed after one minute unless *83 is entered earlier.

Entering *82 for pause and *83 for resume can be used repeatedly during a call until the recording is terminated by entering *81 or ending the call. A prerequisite for pause and resume to work is, of course, to start recording with *80 or to activate automatic recording. Even in such a setup, it is possible to use pause and resume codes for recording.

If the recording is not terminated using code *81 before the end of the call, the end of the call serves as the end of the recording and the recording will be OK. It will be stored from the *80 entry to the end of the call.

Vulcan Telecom Call Recordings Features


Listening to Call Recordings

All recorded phone calls that will be saved can be found in the call history in the user portal for that user.

These calls can then either be played back in the user portal or downloaded to local storage. For the call that you search for, which you are interested in, you can choose to play it back using the "Listen" button.

The second option is to save this recording as an audio file. You can then dispose of it as you wish, either by playing it back on your computer or phone, or by saving it to any external storage device.

Adding Notes to a Recorded Call

Given the usual number of phone calls, it is useful to make notes about what the phone conversation was about, what the topic was, etc.

The system therefore allows you to attach text notes to individual phone call records to help us trace back to specific calls. Therefore, after recording a call, it is possible to add a text note to a specific call.

When searching for our recorded call, we can fill in the Disposition, Reason and Notes fields in the "Notes" pop-up window. We can then simply save the completed post-note and return to it later to remind ourselves what the call was about.

We will also see the notes filled in this way if we export the call history, in the Notes column next to the call.
Vulcan Telecom Call Center Features
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